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About the Center for Computer Science and Learning Sciences

The new Northwestern Center for Computer Science and Learning Sciences recognizes and expands Northwestern's pioneering leadership at the intersection of computer science, education, cognitive science, and engineering. Through its academic, research, and event-based programming, the Center seeks to develop the next generation of leaders at the intersection of computer science and learning sciences and connect researchers and practitioners to create the broadest possible impact.

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Core Center Activities

The Center for Computing and the Learning Sciences integrates three core activities to enhance and advance the development and real-world impact of this rich body of work in the learning sciences.

Computer Science + Learning Sciences PhD Program

Co-directors: Michael Horn, Uri Wilensky
Mission: To develop the next generation of leaders in CS + LS

Learn more about the CS+LS PhD program

Advancement of Practice in CS + LS

Co-directors: Michael Horn, Chris Riesbeck
Mission: To connect CS + LS researchers with real world practitioners to the benefit of all

Annual CS + LS Symposia

Co-directors: Chris Riesbeck, Uri Wilensky
Mission: To provide an annual forum for focused conversation between world leaders in CS + LS

This symposium on computer science education is the first in an annual series of meetings of distinguished leaders and rising stars in computing and the learning sciences. Each symposium will focus on a theme of current interest.

Themes currently under consideration include new directions in:

Learn more about the symposium


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